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One Page At A Time: The Creation and Establishment of Fandom Tradition Through Early Star Trek Fanzines


In this current iteration, this online exhibit focuses on the establishment of fan tradition within Star Trek fanzines, by focusing on Spockanalia #1 and Spockanalia #2.

Spockanalia was the first fanzine dedicated solely to Star Trek, and in this case mostly to Mr. Spock. It was created by Devra Langsam and Sherna Comerford and published September 1, 1967, almost one year after Star Trek Season 1 aired. 

For the purposes of highlighting the establishment of these traditions, this exhibit will approach these two issues categorically, rather than sequentially. In most cases, individual items will contain a minimum of two images, displaying scanned pages from Spockanalia #1 and Spockanalia #2.

Each item will have a description section. Within this section there will generally be interpretation of the items themselves and their significance. 

This exhibit is by no means comprehensive, and is but a fraction of the final Masters Thesis Project. 

The exhibit curator owns none of the copyrights to the images provided. A more functional copyright statement is in the works. These images are for educational purposes only and fall under Fair Use & Creative Commons. All Rights Reserved.